The Guide is an invaluable online tool for litigation and transactional attorneys.
The Guide provides for more than 70 common law causes of action:
  • Each action’s elements;
  • The most recent state and federal cases that cite the actions’ elements;
  • The applicable statute of limitations for each action; and
  • Defenses to each cause of action.
  • AND, The Guide is updated annually.

The Guide

No longer need young lawyers panic upon receipt of a request from the senior partner to “quickly” find the most recent New York Court of Appeals case citing the elements required to obtain a temporary injunction for the partner’s emergency motion. Experienced lawyers will also benefit from the ease at which they will locate information used in daily practice. From drafting complaints and answers, to motion practice, jury instructions and appeals, the Guide will be your starting and end-point for the research you need to build the cornerstones of your cases.

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